That’s all for now

Another year over – all you’ve got to do now is survive your exams, and you’re home free for the summer! We look forward to rejoining you next year, with some great new ideas and old standards, ready and willing to help you succeed.


Welcome, new Peer Guides!

Next year’s Peer Guide team has now been announced! We’ll be introducing everybody at the start of next year, but here’s a preview of the leadership team:

  • Lizzy: Head Peer Guide
  • Michael: Assistant Head
  • Carmen: Events
  • Kristy: Academic

Thanks to all who applied!


Don’t let exams, juries, papers and the end of term get you down! Come pet some puppies!
The Peer Guides present, for the last time this year, the incredibly popular Therapy Dogs. These dogs are trained to help people deal with stress, in addition to being super cute and cuddly. Drop by TC100 from 12-1pm on April 5 to visit them!

Mock Juries

If you’re getting nervous about Juries and looking for an opportunity to play your rep beforehand, look no further! The Peer Guides are holding mock jury sessions on March 30 from 1-4 pm in TC101 and MB104. Sign up to play at the Peer Guide office (MB301), as spaces are limited. Don’t worry about bringing an accompanist or playing all your music if you’d prefer not to, just come play whatever you like – we’ll listen!

Essay editing

Panicking about end-of-term papers? Come by the Peer Guides essay editing sessions: Wednesday March 28 from 7-10pm in TC 100, and Sunday April 1 from 7-10pm in MB102. Discuss your ideas or get a Peer Guide to look over your paper and make helpful suggestions.
(First-years, keep in mind that these sessions don’t count for your consultation mark – come by office-hour sessions in MB301 for that).

Comp Comp

The Peer Guides Composition Competition is this Saturday, March 24 from 6 to 8 pm in MB104. Sign up outside the Peer Guide office, or come listen to some great new music and vote for your favourite. Winners get prizes! Both pop and art music accepted, so don’t miss your chance.

What’s Your Major?

Intent to Register deadlines are fast approaching! Completely confused about what you’re going to do? Looking for insight from upper-years in the various programs? Come to What’s Your Major, Wednesday March 21 at 12:30 in TC101.

A new year approacheth

Hello, future teammates! Applications for next year’s Peer Guide team are now available from our office (MB301). They need to be submitted by March 23, so don’t delay! Being a Peer Guide is exceptional – it’s loads of fun, looks great on a resume, and allows you to help your fellow students. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a genius to join the team – there’s no entrance exam! The most important requirement is that you be willing to contribute in whatever way you can – whether that be with theory knowledge, amazing cookie-baking ability, love of informal performances, or whatever else – to making the team more of a success. Apply today!


Come celebrate St. Patty’s day with the Peer Guides! We’ll be holding a bake sale in MB lobby on Friday, March 16, from 12 to 1:30. Come buy some delicious treats and support Peer Guide programming!


Come! Listen! Perform! The Peer Guides Coffeehouse (last one of the year!) is on March 15th, 8-11pm in MB102. Sign up outside the Peer Guide office.